1937 FORD Photos

Ed's 37 Ford


1953 Willys Photos
Willys Before Restoration
Willys before Restoration

Willys Restoration Complete
Willys Restoration Complete

       This 1953 Willys is one of the last 1500 that were built before the model was renamed "Jeep" about 6 years later.  Old timers are stunned that a farm truck makes a GREAT Gasser!  We average 1 trophy a year.  The Willys has won JUDGES PICK at the WALLA WALLA WHEELIN' WEEKEND (Walla Walla, WA), FIRST IN CLASS at the PORTLAND ROADSTER SHOW (ISCA JUDGED) (Portland, OR).  And then, there was the HARD LUCK trophy: I had to drive through 2.5 miles of sheep droppings from 3,000 sheep on my way to a show). . . . but, we get more attention than the trailered SHOW cars.  (15,000 miles in a year and a half.)

      The engine is a 302 Cobra clone, B&M C-4 transmission, Curry Ford 9 inch rear, '69 Firebird gas tank, '48 Chevy tail lights, Vette disc brakes and a '49 Willys I-beam front axle.  The rig weighs 3,200 lbs., 10" slicks on 8" rims.  About 80% of the work was mine, the rest was “pro”.

"Eddie the Cruiser"

Dark Star Willys Overland

Willys (pronounced "WILL-iss") was the brand name used by the United States automobile company Willys-Overland Motors, best known for its production of military and civilian Jeeps, during the last century.

1940 FORD Photos

       Here is a selection of photos for you of my latest project.  It's a chance for you to be able to see my newest pride and joy, the 1940 Ford Deluxe Coupe.  You can see that this is a work in progess, a restoration project, which is the fun part!
As you can see this car has high flat-topped hood and the grille spreads out to reach the fenders.  This is what makes it different to the other Ford Coupes.  It will be a beautiful looking car and one that is really satisfying to work on.  I hope you enjoy looking through the pictures below.

40 Ford

       The Willys is history and the 40 is the future!. I traded my newer/old car for an older/new car.  1940 Ford Deluxe Coupe, stock running gear except for the 1947 Mercury flathead.  Much work ahead, lotsa headaches but NO RUST!  More to come as it progresses.

"Eddie the Cruiser"

40 Ford Before Restoration
40 Ford to be Restored

40 Ford Before Restoration
40 Ford to be Restored

40 Ford Restoration
Ford Restoration in Progress

40 Ford Before Restoration
Ford to be Restored

One More Classic Car is Back on the Road






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