Doug Cook

One of the Gasser Greats

Doug Cookie Cook

This picture was taken in May 1999
at the NHRA Museum in Pomona, California.

Jesse Douglas Cook passed away in Southern California on Wednesday, June 16th, 1999 at about 5 pm of complications from double pneumonia.

On June 1, 2000 Doug's wife sent this note via email in appreciation of this page dedicated to him.
"I truly enjoy your site!  I never had the pleasure to meet Jr. but Doug told me all the Great Racing stories.  Unfortunately this month Doug will be Away one year, I miss him more than I can say, as I know all of you do also.  Thank you so much for your beautiful tribute to my husband Doug "COOKIE" Cook.

Sincerely, Pat "COOKIE" Cook."

Doug Cook was born in Little Rock in 1932, "Cookie" migrated to the Los Angeles area as a teenager and was one of the original drag racers at the Santa Ana Drags, which historians consider the first commercial drag strip.  Later, as the driver for the infamous "Stone, Woods & Cook" gasser, a blown on gas Willys coupe, his career was notable for two reasons:
    1) The fear that the team struck in the hearts of their competitors as they dominated the "Gasser Wars" on Southern California's drag strips in the 1960s and
    2) the fact that Cook was Caucasian, but both Fred Stone and Tim Woods were African American.  Their partnership was the first competitive multi-racial team in drag racing.

Doug was one of a kind.  Many people have left messages with memories of Doug.  These memories are written below. Remembrances of Doug

Doug Cook's Cars

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cookmazweb dhlb1208 pmillar3_64 swc10 swc11
Cook vs Mazmanian Doug's Willys Drag Cartoon Stone Woods & Cook Stone Woods & Cook

The Cooks & the Thompsons
Mike and Doug Cook, Jr. and Tom Thompson.
This was shot at a GoodGuys Reunion a few years back.
Try an online to find the whereabouts
of other "GoodGuys".

Photograh by RestLeSs D Graphics

Gasser Greats
KS Pitmann, George Montgomery, and Doug Cook.
 This was shot at a The NHRA Museum in May of 1999 when he came to
sign the lithographs by James Ibusuki.
Photograh by RestLeSs D Graphics© 1999

Doug will surely be missed.

If you only just found this page you can still make contributions in the name of Doug Cook to the address below.

Donations are still being accepted and can be made to the El Mirage Ladies Auxiliary.  This is an organization that helps racers who are injured or ill. Please send your cards and donations to:

In Memory of Doug Cook
El Mirage Ladies Auxiliary
c/o Mike Cook
2955 Bronco Ln
Norco, Ca 91760 USA

From June 2006:

I just came across this web site and I was saddened to hear of Doug's passing.  Even though it's been a while now, my heart goes out to his wife Pat and family.  I saw Doug run at Lions many times.  My memories of him will never be forgotten.  He made the biggest impression on me more than any other racer, ever.

I was about 15 when my brother began taking me to Lions Drag Strip in the mid to late 50s.  My memory is not the greatest now, but what I do remember best of Doug ""Cookie" Cook was when he ran a blown 265 in a '37 Chevy coupe.  I think it was maroon.  What I can still hear is his quick precise shifts.  I never remember him missing a shift.  I'm sorry I never met him.
God Bless,
Ted Decker, Arizona

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doug cook jr thompson doug cook jr thompson

Postings Re: Doug Cook.  From well wishers from the old website HEADER FLAMES

Subject-Pomona Pole Sitters Date- Monday, June 21, 1999 at 21:32:37 (EDT) From-Cliff Morgan
Re: the photo of SWC VS BJM at Pomona.  Yes those were people on the phone poles.  People used to climb them to get a "free seat" to watch the drags, especially the Winternationals.  By the way, Drag News used to run ads from the various A/GS teams, that would "insult" the rival teams, and set things up for a match race. SWC were "Pebble, Pulp & Chef", while Maz was "Big June".  There were all in fun, and got a lot of people out to the drags.

Subject-My memory of Doug"Cookie"Cook Date- Monday, June 21, 1999 at 21:53:10 (EDT) From-Dennis Pateras
Sorry to hear about Doug Cook.  The only time I ever saw him was up at New England Dragway after they had switched from the Willys to the Mustang.  Doug Cook did a ferocious burnout and then peered out the side at the crowd almost like he was seeing if they got their money's worth with that one.  They did!  I can't remember who he raced on that run, but I think he one that round.  I find it kind of odd that Stone, Woods, and Cook all passed away in exactly that order.  Thank You Doug, for that memory that day at Epping, N.H.  I was lucky to see it and I'll never forget it.  Rest in Peace

Subject-Torkmaster Date- Monday, June 21, 1999 at 01:10:27 (EDT) From-Hal Sanguinetti
The passing of Doug Cook was a real bummer.  I have often said, to anyone who would listen, that I'd pay a LOT of money to see SWC and BJM race each other, two out of three, in the exact setup they had back in those times.  More than any other match race, that would have been the one I wanted to see.  Are there any other good stories about Doug and the SWC gang out there?  We'd like to hear them....

Subject-Aloha, Cookie! Date- Friday, June 18, 1999 at 11:33:39 (EDT) From-BRUCE
Amen, Norman...

Subject-RIP Doug Cook Date- Friday, June 18, 1999 at 00:50:53 (EDT) From-tom p
Sad to hear about Doug Cook, I met him several years ago.  Another legend gone, certainly not forgotten.  Rest in peace.

Subject-A great racer passes Date- Friday, June 18, 1999 at 10:27:15 (EDT) From-Norman Hechtkoff
To this day, when someone asks, what was the greatest Funny Car you ever saw, the answer is easy.  The single most dominant, consistent winner, in a world of its own, FC was the Stone Woods & Cook Mustang of 1967.  Straight running, faster than most any competition, Doug Cook knew how to win.  And did it on alcohol against Nitro competition. Doug also paid heavy dues in that car at Alton one night, the stories guys tell are chilling.  RIP Doug Cook, you did it all and you did it well.

Subject-Another passes... Date- Friday, June 18, 1999 at 13:02:30 (EDT) From-Stan
We've lost too many good people lately.  Guys, I grew up on Stone, Woods, and Cook VS Big John.  Doug was a major player in the history of our sport.  I guess all I can say to his passing is, "thanks for the memories, Cookie."

Subject-Stone,Woods, and Cook Date- Friday, June 18, 1999 at 15:32:17 (EDT) From-Travis Perrenot
Blue Willys, Blown Olds, Saturday nite at the beach.  Ya'll excuse me while I go set in the dark awhile.

Subject-COOKIE Date- Friday, June 18, 1999 at 19:32:59 (EDT) From-Fred Vosk
Just heard the news that we lost another one, Doug "Cookie" Cook passed away today..  Rest in Peace Doug.

Subject-Lost another... Date- Saturday, June 19, 1999 at 00:10:12 (EDT) From-Karen Nelson
To All, RIP Doug Cook.  We not only have lost too many lately, we have lost the variety of cars that gave this sport it's name in the first place.  When was the last time a TRUE Gasser ran?  Ohio George Mongomery - Mike Marinoff -John Mazmanian - Jr. Thompson - Bones Balough in Pisano's car...  And in a day and age when we all seem to find a reason to ostracize from each other there never seemed to be a bad work between 2 dignified large black men and a small wiry white guy that could drive anything.  I know we are all getting older, but the feelings of loss are coming all too often lately.  And there are quite a few of our revered names that are ill.......Karen

Subject-Doug "Cookie" Cook - Gone But Not Forgoten Date- Saturday, June 19, 1999 at 02:43:14 (EDT) From-Dave Tuttle
I didn't know the Stone-Woods & Cook team back in their heyday since I was just a kid but since I got involved in Dry Lakes Racing in 1995, I got to know the Cook family well.  Doug was a familiar face at the lakes, always working as hard as the young punks.  He was always there to help if you had a problem or needed advice and never expected anything but thanks in return.  The year they spread Gary Cagle's ashes on the salt at almost 300 mph, I was pitted near them and having trouble.  Doug came over to see if he could help and offered to strip anything I needed off their T-Bird.  Although I was flattered, I declined and headed for home.  That's the kind of people they are. Die hard racers.  The sound of a Blown Gas Engine is long gone from Drag Racing but still very much alive at Bonneville.  Those who have been around them know what it is like to tune one.  It's either a rich, slobbering Pig, or burnt up!  Cookie still hadn't lost that magic touch of his with the Gas Motor's having helped out on a number of the top running record setters.  BOY DID THEY SOUND SWEET!!
God's Speed Cookie!  We'll Miss You!!  ~Dave Tuttle~

Subject-Losses Date- Saturday, June 19, 1999 at 06:35:26 (EDT) From-Dan Staz
Hi All, Godspeed to Cookie, Gig Gene, Our prayers are with you.
Dan Staz

Subject-Stone, Wooks & Cook. Date- Saturday, June 19, 1999 at 09:49:06 (EDT) From-Ed Dialogue
As a young man of twenty, I moved to LA on a Saturday in November of 1963.  After finding a place to live in Canoga Park, I went to find the nearest dragstrip that was running.  I ended up at Colton.  The first car I saw go down the strip was Stone, Woods and Cook.  I lived down there till 1968 and saw them run many times.  This week has been a real "down memory lane" for me.  The new "Surfers" pages on Don Ewald's site has brought back so many good memories.  Rest in peace Doug.  Thanks, Ed Dialogue.  Sandy, Utah.

Subject-Doug "Cookie" Cook Date- Saturday, June 19, 1999 at 12:52:17 (EDT) From-R. Schroeder
Doug "Cookie" Cook.  What can I say that has not been said, I can ad some of the great moments I personally with the famous racing trio.  I shared a shop with Al Vanderwoody, the "Flying Dutchman" and our shop was right across the driveway from Doug Cook.  Woodie and I were racing the funny cars and enjoying match racing all over the West.  Doug was racing the gasser and in process of building the Mustang.  Little did I know at the time I was going to be racing this famous gas coupe.  The funny cars were hard pressed in the early days to find enough competitors to race against.  Track promoters would put us up against anything and usually did.  I got a call from a Don Gay in Houston Texas "How would you like to bring the "Bad Bossa Nova" down here for a three run match race.  Not thinking anything about the 30 hours it would take to get there, or who I would be racing, I accepted and we were on our way.  What I had failed to notice was another vehicle had left our shop ahead of me.  When I arrive in Houston (Dickinson) I went to the Pontiac dealership that the Gay family owned and talked to Don.  The Nova was on a ramp truck and Don, like all racers, took a look under the chassis to see what we were running.  His remark was FOUR SPEED, did you bring a back up trans?  I didn't even know the word back up.  Don said do know who you are racing.  I answered NO.  It Stone Wood and Cook's gas coupe!  At that moment, Don Gay set his mechanics to work preparing the "infinity" GTO funny car so Don would have a back up for the race.  Enough said about the prelims.  The night of the race it got down right funny, as we put little Doug Cook into my fire suit and put him in the trunk of the Bossa Nova.  Both cars on the starting line, Where Was Doug?  All of a sudden the announcers hears all this commotion coming from the trunk of my car and opens it to find Doug completely hidden in this giant silver bag, (a fire suit to fit a 300 pound driver) With Doug now found the match race could continue.  The long and short of it: The nitro injected Nova was a rocket ship off the line but lacked the top end to beat a supercharged machine.  All I want to tell you is you have never lived until you have heard the sound of the Stone Woods and Cook Willys coming from behind you LIVE from the next lane.  The sound of the supercharger screaming and the closing rate of this car that was about to blast by me in the lights had me ducking for cover.  It did not matter if I won or lost, I was racing Stone Woods and Cook.  It was one of the greatest parts in my life is to have spent time with such a great man.  You can have all you top executives and all the hi-paying jobs in the world, but nothing will replace the fellowship gained between the little back street shops with the pioneers of speed.  From the dice games with the supercharged gas coupe group to food and water fights, to helping each other with problems on the race cars, you can not replace any of those times.
Doug I know there is a place up there where you are organizing some of our next races.........  Rest in peace my friend.....  We will all see you in the big blue sky.

Subject-REPLY TO YOUNGBLOOD, MA GREEN, & OTHERS Date- Saturday, June 19, 1999 at 23:23:55 (EDT) From-Henry Walther
Doug Cook...never had the pleasure of meeting you in person, but was witness (as I'll bet countless others on this site were) of many of your runs.  My largest impression was hanging on the fence one Saturday night at Vaca Valley Drag Strip in Nor-Cal and watching that big blue Willys disappear into the darkness faster than anything I'd ever seen that large disappear before.  One of the very few cars with doors that caught my fancy.  R.I.P.

Subject-Gassers Date- Sunday, June 20, 1999 at 03:16:17 (EDT) From-NITRO
Doug Cook will be missed by all of us!!! We must all go forward and make his dream even better than it is now...

- Rob Thompson - From Austrailia
I was lucky enough to see Doug at a distance at the Long Beach swap meet when I was there in December last.  I noticed his blue Willys gasser and took many photographs.  Please pass on my deepest sympathies ..........  I never ever had the opportunity to know or speak to Doug Cook but I have read so much about him and his racing accomplishments, Kindest Regards
- Rob Thompson -

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